The Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Experts In Dealing With All Types Of Criminal Cases

If you are ever charged with any criminal charges, you should immediately contact the best criminal defense attorney instead of taking things in your hands. With years of experience and expertise, the attorney is the best person to understand your legal position and advise accordingly. The Houston criminal defense attorneys handle all kinds of cases including DWI / DUI, drug possession, assault, weapons charges, theft, kidnapping, murder, etc. Based on the allegations and legal aspects of the case, the attorney will do his best to prove your innocence and reduce the charges by using the best and most aggressive defense strategies to win the case. The defense attorney will also give you the best guidance about when to and when not to speak to the prosecution or the police. In fact you should speak to the prosecution or the police only in the presence of your attorney since anything you say may be used against you in the court of law. You should also not provide any blood samples unless you have spoken to your attorney and he has given a go ahead. This is your legal right.

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The Houston DWI lawyer will also gather all information about the incident and procedures followed thereafter. This would help him in building his defense strategy since many a times the arresting officer make mistakes and this is beneficial for the defense lawyer to argue his case in the court of law. The DWI laws are very strict in Houston which may result in fines, jail time and also license revocation based on the severity of the charges and the number of times one has been caught under this section of law. But it doesn’t mean one should lose hope since the expert DWI Attorneys in Houston are trained to scrutinize the prosecution’s case and finding inaccuracies or incomplete information that can actually get the case dismissed in the court. The defense lawyer may also hires an investigation expert (if necessary) to rebuild the case scenario and find loopholes that will save his client from DWI charges.
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Since all DWI and DUI tests are subjective, the defense lawyer will always try to convince the court that his client’s behaviour was due to medical or physical conditions rather than under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To find an experienced criminal defense lawyer Houston it is always better to determine your legal needs and accordingly search for one who can make you feel comfortable and offers full support to overcome your legal issues.
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