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If you are accused of driving while intoxicated it is a serious legal issue and you will be facing serious consequences. Hence it is always better to contact an experienced Houston DWI lawyer who can help you win your case with aggressive defense strategies. Generally a police officer will pull over a driver on reasonable suspension of drinking and driving such as speeding, swerving or running through red lights. They then conduct a field sobriety test and the attempt to collect, by coercion, breath and blood samples to check to bolster their case. First time DWI offense can lead to suspension of your driving license along with jail time, fines and personal restrictions that have serious impact on your personal and professional life.
Moreover, being caught in a DWI case may lead to public disapproval, higher insurance rates, loss of employment and a charge that cannot be expunged from a criminal record. However, when you contact a Houston DWI Lawyer it is possible to mitigate some of the penalties as the lawyer knows which areas of the state's case can be scrutinized for inaccuracies, defects or incomplete information that can be used to dismiss or reduce charge. This can include questioning the reasonableness of the suspicion for pulling over your vehicle, the way the police officer conducts the field sobriety tests and the performance of those tests. The performance of the tests may not show intoxication at all, and instead, only indicate extreme fatigue, physical illness or physical handicap.


The Houston DWI lawyer can successfully defend your DWI charges since he has thorough knowledge about DWI laws and prosecution strategies which he shall use to prove your innocence. Alcohol levels cause the punishment levels to vary as do subsequent offenses. The Houston DWI lawyer can help you understand your legal rights to refuse breath and blood tests. It is also your right not to answer any incriminating questions and request your right to consult a counsel.
So whatever the prosecution allegations are, you can face them without fear when you have an experienced Houston DWI lawyer on your side to defend your case and protect your legal rights.

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