Houston Lawyer Of DWI

Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston To Prove Your Innocence

If you are accused of any criminal charges it is not so easy to overcome the situation without the help of a criminal defense lawyer Houston. Only an experienced lawyer can help you to overcome the challenging situation by trying to find out any legal issues that works in your favor and prove your innocence by building a strong legal defense for your case. The defense lawyer will make you aware of your legal rights and also advise you to avoid speaking to the police or the public prosecutor in his absence as that might be used as evidence against you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer Houston usuallyhandles all cases related to drug possession, DUI/DWI, theft, assault, weapon charges etc.

It is a serious and complex legal issue if you are caught intoxicated while driving. It could lead to suspension of your driving license as a first offense or may lead to penalties or jail term depending on the severity of the offense. Houston has strict laws pertaining to DWI conviction. But the Houston DWI Lawyer can still help you finding loopholes in the case and turn them into your favor. He will question the probable cause for stopping your vehicle and also whether the apparatus to measure the blood alcohol level has been working properly. The lawyer can also turn the case by trying to demonstrate your erratic driving pattern was due to other causes like physical illness or tiredness rather than consumption of drugs or alcohol. Only an experienced Houston DWI lawyer with a clear understanding of the prosecution strategies and DWI laws can help you to prove your innocence.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer Houston can also defend drug possession cases by questioning the legality of search and seizure of drugs. Moreover, unless proved beyond doubt by the State or the prosecution you cannot be convicted in the drug possession case. Hence the lawyer can come up with aggressive defense strategies to plant a doubt in the minds of the jury to prove your innocence. Similarly, if you are accused of possessing deadly weapons the lawyer can come up with an effective defense strategy questioning the method in which the item was located. In absence of a search warrant, while collecting the evidence, there is every chance of a positive outcome for the defendant.

Hence, whatever criminal case has been charged against you, don’t panic, contact a professional criminal defense lawyer who can successfully bail you out from the situation.
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