Houston Criminal And DWI Lawyers Provide Legal Services To Help Clients Come Out Of Legal Mess

Getting charged with driving while intoxicated cannot be taken lightly. It’s a very serious legal matter that can attract harsh punishment. You can be jailed for 3 to 180 days. You may also have to pay fines and fees also known as surcharges. This amount can add up to thousands of dollars. There is also a danger of your license getting revoked. All your driving privileges can be suspended for six months. The suspension can also be for a longer period of time and this varies from case to case. More personal restrictions can be imposed on you and you may be required to undergo drug tests, alcohol education classes and home breathalyzers. Additional penalties are also applicable for first time DWIs that include difficulty in obtaining new insurance or having to pay higher amounts as insurance premium. There can also be loss of employment or difficulty in obtaining new employment. You can also lose respect among your family members, friends and society.


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Therefore, once you are charged with a DWI case in Houston, the first thing you need to do is to immediately contact a Houston DWI Lawyer. It is important to understand that DWI cases are time-sensitive and you must request a hearing within 15 days of the incident. An experienced DWI attorney will see to it that some of the penalties are reduced or mitigated. The lawyers are highly qualified and experienced and know which areas of the prosecution's case to scrutinize for inaccuracies, incomplete information or defects. The lawyer has all the required knowledge and skills to handle any DWI first offense case. If you want to prevent the loss of driving privileges and get away from penalties and punishment, it is most essential to secure legal representation as soon as possible. It is not advisable for you to compromise on this issue as your future is at stake.


The lawyers also handle criminal cases. The criminal defense lawyer Houston handles all types of criminal cases including assault, drug possession, juvenile defense,  weapons charges, kidnapping, domestic violence, theft, burglary, arson, manslaughter, white collar offenses, murder, license suspension, felony, protective order defense, recording sealing, probation violation, rape and molestation, public assault and others. The Attorneys would aggressively defend clients who are accused with criminal offenses in Houston and Harris County.

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