Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston For Best Legal Support

Being charged with a criminal case has a negative impact both on your personal and professional life. It is really a stressful situation for anyone to handle. Whether the charges are major or minor, the matter should be taken seriously as you may have to face severe penalties or even jail time for criminal charges. At such times you should contact a criminal defense lawyer Houston who have years of experience in handling all types of criminal cases and can help in safeguarding your legal rights and also defend your case in the court.
The Houston lawyer handles all types of criminal cases ranging from DWI / DUI, kidnapping, theft, manslaughter, drug possession, white collar offense, murder, weapons charges etc and can thus use his experience and expertise to develop the best defense strategies as long as the client asserts his innocence in the case. The lawyer also suggests that the accused should answer questions put up by the police or the prosecution only in the presence of his lawyer as anything spoken can be used against him in the court of law. The accused also has the right to refuse giving samples unless he has spoken to his lawyer.

houston criminal defense attorneys

The Houston criminal defense attorney shall help his client to understand the nature of charges filed against him, the available defense strategies, the plea bargains and the expected outcome after conviction. The attorney also puts in his best efforts in crime scene investigations, interviewing of witnesses, victim and policemen to find any loopholes in the prosecution charges that may help to reduce the criminal charges, lessen the punishment or eliminate jail time. The Houston attorney will also come up with aggressive defense strategies like disputing the methods of investigation by the police. Similarly, DWI also comes under criminal offense in Houston and the accused is slapped with severe punishments based on the consequences of the case. There is jail time, fines and fees, license revocation and also personal restrictions for first time DWI conviction and serious penalties for second or third time offenses.
In such circumstances, it is only an experienced Houston DWI lawyer who can come to your rescue with possible defense strategies like scrutinizing the prosecution charges for inaccuracies and incomplete information, and prove that the arrest of the defendant is invalid. The DWI attorneys in Houston have a thorough understanding of the State laws and hence can come up with the best defense strategies to counter attack the prosecution charges and save the client from serious criminal charges.
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