The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston Can Save You From Criminal Charges

Being accused of any criminal charges surely reflects on both your personal and professional reputation in the public. This cannot be taken lightly and you should immediately contact the best lawyer in Houston who can help you deal with the consequences of the case and also safe guard your legal interests.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston handles all types of criminal cases ranging from DWI / DUI, possession of drugs, murder, theft, assault, burglary, weapon charges etc. Though laws in Houston prescribe stringent punishments for criminal cases, but it is the prosecution’s responsibility to prove the guilt of the accused beyond doubt. Based on the case the criminal defense lawyer Houston will prepare his line of defense to prove the innocence of his client and try to drop the case or seek his client’s release if the prosecution is unable to submit appropriate evidence. The criminal defense lawyer Houston also educates his client on his legal rights of speaking to any police investigators or prosecution lawyer only in the presence of the criminal lawyer, as any confession or statement made by the client can be used to build a case against him.


Similarly, being caught driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in Houston and the consequences are severe, even if it’s a first time offense. It may result in jail time, fines and fees, license revocation and even personal restrictions based on the severity of the case. Being caught in a DWI case may also result in loss of employment, higher insurance rates, losing respect in public and also DWI criminal record that cannot be expunged at a later stage. So it is most important to contact an experienced Houston DWI lawyer immediately who can handle the case deftly and reduces or expunge the case in the court of law. The DWI lawyer generally comes up with a defense strategy of finding fault with the prosecution’s charge right from questioning the reason why the defendant’s vehicle was pulled over by the officer to the inaccuracies in conducting the field sobriety tests which if proved can make the case inadmissible in the court. The experienced lawyer would also be able to prove the erratic driving pattern of the defendant either due to fatigue or physical illness rather than alcohol in the blood or influence of drugs that would help in dismissing all the accusations and make his client come out clean from the case.
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