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Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston To Safeguard Your Legal Rights In A Case

A Criminal Lawyer or Defense Attorney is specialized in defending an individual or organization that has been charged with a crime. His purpose is to defend your rights. Criminal defense lawyer Houston offers specialized service to a wide array of criminal cases including DWI/DUI, assault, drug possession, weapons charges, theft, burglary, arson, manslaughter, domestic violence, license suspension, probation violation, kidnapping, murder, white collar offenses and many more. As soon as you are charged with any of these cases it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense lawyer Houston who will advise you and guide you through what can be a very complicated and confusing process to those who are unfamiliar with it.
criminal defense lawyer houston

Upon taking your case the criminal defense lawyer Houston will investigate the charges accordingly and do the necessary research to build and develop a defense strategy. For instance if you were charged with DWI, the defense lawyer would use all his experience to prove your innocence. He would look for insufficiency of the evidence, including the testimony of the witnesses, the performance of field tests, the operation of any instruments, and the experience and conduct of those persons operating such instruments, the chain of custody associated with any samples taken and the validity of those samples, including blood samples taken routinely by an agent of a hospital or through warrant given specifically for a blood draw. Of course, you may have an affirmative defense already available. Most prosecutors would not take the time to discover these unless advocated by the defense.
criminal defense lawyer houston

Criminal defense lawyer Houston
could enter a plea bargain with the prosecution to ensure that you can come out of the case with either a reduced charge or no charge at all. If able, the charge could, and is at times, reduced to a reckless driving. Each person's case is different. Some who qualify for a pre-trial diversion might be better off to fight the case in trial. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney would be able to determine the best course of action.
criminal defense lawyer houston

Hiring the services of a defense attorney is crucial if charged with a crime. Anything you say could be used by the prosecution in court. Without the advice of counsel you would not know what could be suppressed or how to do it. So find a defense lawyer in Houston who understands your circumstances and follows an aggressive defense strategy to protect your rights.

There are 4 secrets of getting best possible defense. Do not answer any questions until you speak with your lawyer, do not voluntarily provide samples for testing until you speak with your lawyer, request motion hearings in a timely matter, and hire an experienced defense attorney.

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