Meet Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston Can Help You Out Of Any Criminal Allegations

Contacting a criminal defense lawyer is very important if you are accused or charged with any criminal case as it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to protect your legal rights. The criminal defense lawyer houston can make a difference in the case between dismissal of the case, reduced plea bargain or jail term using his experience and expertise in handling such cases. The lawyer will help you to understand the nature of charges filed against you and discuss all available defense strategies and plea bargains he can offer and what can be expected after the conviction or trial of the case. The Houston attorney having years of experience in handling all types of major and minor criminal cases like drug possession, weapons assault, theft, DWI/DUI, domestic violence, theft, manslaughter, murder etc can come up with the best defense strategies to dismiss your case based on lack of evidence or if you are proven guilty, he shall try to lessen the criminal charge to a lesser offense and to reduce the severity of the punishment or jail time in the case.


The criminal defense lawyer Houston would also help you to understand your rights when being arrested as you can only speak in the presence of your lawyer rather than providing any information to the public prosecutor or the policemen which can be used against you in the case. The Houston attorney will also advise you to not submit any samples for testing unless you have taken approval from your attorney. You also have the right to request the hearings in a timely manner which gives the attorney the time to contest the actions of the prosecutor. Just like any other criminal charge, DWI is a serious offense in Houston and only an expert Houston DWI lawyer can best defend your action by coming up with strong defense strategies. When been accused of DWI it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can raise a doubt on the probable cause of being pulled out for DWI charge and also on the reliability of the breath analyzer device and blood tests. As it is the prosecutor's duty to prove you guilty beyond doubt, the DWI attorney will use every chance to prove your innocence as the tests are subjective. He may also try to defend your improper driving patterns by quoting medical or physical conditions.

The criminal defense lawyer Houston offers dedicated services to all clients and represents them in the court by coming prepared with all the necessary documents and defense strategies to ensure that legal rights of all clients are protected.
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